Une étude RyM pour évaluer l’intérêt et le consentement à payer d’un capteur prévenant les risques d’incendie d’origine électrique

A RyM study to assess the interest and willingness to pay for a sensor that prevents electrical fire hazard.

It's good that respondents have the opportunity to interact and comment on each other's responses. Because of its methodology, the RyM study was a great compromise between cost, time qualitative and quantitative study. "

Robin SCHWAAR, Program Marketing Leader, Schneider Electric 

RyM support in 3 words: Accessible, Fast, Qualitative

Origins of the project: The project was born in partnership with a supplier, in another division of Schneider Electric. It consisted in developing a module, a sensor which would allow to collect informations and prevent electrical fire risks. At the beginning of the project, the high power cabinets were the installations targeted by this sensor (thus mainly the industrial sector). Our objective, in addition to the product benefit, was also to facilitate installation and to reduce space requirements and installation costs. After its launch, it was well received by the various subsidiaries and customers, despite a rather long sales launch.

In the same time, our project, with the same supplier, has developed. Based on the same objectives, the idea this time was to develop a sensor adapted to lower power cabinets, which would better adapt to the marketing and technical specifities of terminal boards, which would make us more competititve on small tertiary installations in particular.

Issue:  At this stage, we had conducted a preliminary study with another service provider to test the concept with potential customers, but the results were not sufficient. They did not allow us to make a concrete decision for the continuation of the project. The problem was the lack of customer feedback, the study was incomplete and the presentation of the concept was partial. The respondent's understanding of both the issues and the concept was not good, which biased the results. Because there was no qualitative information collected, we could not know the explanations behind the graphs and results that were presented to us. What we were looking for was explanations. We wanted to have answers to our questions. We wanted to be able to make decisions and to know the willigness to pay of the end customers, professional electricians working in the small tertiary sector and managers of the small tertiary sector. That's why we called on Reach your Market and its teams that we know well.

Benefits: The results of this study were of good quality and surprisingly rich ! The presentation of verbatim, in addition to the analyses, now allows us to better understand the interest for the product. This gave us clear and decisive information for the continuation of our project. The information that emerges from the study is of quality and quantity. The respondents were able, thanks to a video presentation, to clearly understand our concept and express themselves without bias.

The added value of this support is the analysis of the acceptability of the innovation. This information is a real bonus, which allows to understand why the project is interesting and what are the problems linked to it. The richness of this study is the method. A study with 30 potential users is a good compromise and brings out reliable results. With a volume of respondents halfway between a qualitaive and quantitative study, a method of analysis and a clear and precise transcription of the results, our project team is totally satisfied.

Finally, I really appreciated the intervention of the community platform Yoomaneo. With a precise and methdological selection of target users, we can directly extract elements from the participants' speech to use in presentations to managers. It is also a good thing that respondents have the opportunity to interact and react on the answers of others. Thanks to its method, the RyM study was an excellent compromise between cost time, qualitative study and quantitative study..

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Reach your Market, une étude utilisateur pour évaluer l’acceptabilité d’une solution d’automatisation industrielle

Reach your Market, a user study to evaluate the acceptability of a solution for industrial automation

"The Reach your Market service evaluates and tests your innovation objectively and openly, which is invaluable, because feedback is essential!"

William MOULTON, Upstream Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric

RyM support in 1 word: Collaborative

I would say that the word collaboration is the one that comes naturally to my mind. Indeed, thanks to the support of Julien and Charlotte, we worked together on the concept to be evaluated, on its formalization, on the way to ask certain questions as well as on our expectations in the project, in particular on what I wanted to get out of this user study.

Origins of the project: We developing new generation of services and applications for current and future industrial automation devices and we wanted to evaluate new forms of interaction: "in-app purchase, preventive maintenance service",..., which will allow customers to benefit from advanced connected services.

Issue: We made a lot of hypotheses about how a customer would respond to new application proposals, including how the next generation of devices might work. And so we needed to understand what the acceptability of our ideas was, but we had not yet formulated what the concept would be. Indeed, when we contacted RyM, we were in the phase where we already had some elements that could be used as part of the generation of this concept. What we were really looking for in the RyM team's expertise was concrete customer feedback on our general idea to see if we were approaching the project from the right angle or if we needed to pivot before going further in this direction.

I think that's one of our main challenges that I'm working on: we are very good at asking questions that confirm our received ideas, so I was looking for a solution that would allow me to the potential of our ideas, without being biased by our preconceived notions, with a neutral eye, to see if our way of thinking about this innovative concept corresponded with the reality of the market.

Benefits: The results gave us a better understanding of the feasibility and acceptability of the concept. I particularly liked the different feedback on the emotional perceptions of the users because again, this is something that is difficult to measure and represent on a piece of paper, so I liked the way it was represented in the RyM study. It gave us the opportunity to discuss objectively and have exchanges, expecially on why we got the information.

Finally, and from this point of view, I really appreciated the fact that we were able to benefit directly from user feedback which allowed to enrich our discussions. It also allowed us to question ourselves on certain points, so I think that, specifically for a company like mine, this approach is very powerful: an outsider's opinion on the innovation is not, my opinion is not either, but that of potential future users is !

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Sonder les utilisateurs pour booster le développement d’une genouillère innovante

Soliciting users to boost the development of an innovative knee pad

"What we appreciated was the fact that there was a scientific basis behind the study as well as the fact that we were able to analyze emotions relative to the speech of potential customers. We saw this as a really huge opportunity and these are interesting methods rarely seen in marketing."

Cédric KAMDEM, R&D Director EXONEO

RyM support in 3 words: Precise • Beneficial • Relational

Precision for the data part, analysis and quality results. Beneficial because it was useful for the project's continuation from a design and communication point of view. And finally relational because from the beginning to the end we were well followed.

Origins of the project: To recontextualize, Exoneo is a startup created in 2017 with the desire to develop medical and prosthetic devices for middle and low income countries. Exoneo then set itself the challenge of revolutionizing the response to handicaps, particulary for people with amputations: this became a reality with the arrival of our first product, which is an articulated foot prosthesis launched in March 2020. As specialists in biomechanics, we decided to go further by offering orthotics, more commonly known as knee and ankle protectors. The first part of the body that interested us was the knee. We made some observations about the knee pad on the market as well as their mechanisms and then we worked on the development of our own model, innovative because it implied a new way of thinking about movement and a differen mechanics on the product which allows to relieve the knee whatever the activity: walking, running ... We were at a stage of development in which we had a finished product, but where we had to find our market.

Problématique : For our second product, the innovative knee pad, the market was much larger. We all have people around us, or perhaps ouselves, who have knee pain... To simplify, this is a market with 14 billion potential knees to help ! So we needed to position ourselves and find a promising segment. 'How do you find this segment?' We aksed ourselves this question for a long time, because since we are involved in a "general public" product, we couldn't just launch it and hope that it would work, we had to prepare it. Nous avions besoin d’éléments pour savoir comment adresser le marché. It's always important to know how to address the end customers and that was a skills we were really looking for. We found these skills in the Reach your Market study, so we decided to do the marketing study with RyM, also it's an innovation that really out from what exists.

Bénéfices retirés : Avec la solution Reach your Market, ce qui est bien, c’est que les données sont quantifiées et qu’il y a une base scientifique derrière. De plus, sur le fait de pouvoir analyser les émotions par rapport au discours des potentiels clients, nous y avons vu une opportunité vraiment énorme et ce sont des méthodes qui sont rarement vues dans le domaine du marketing. Cela nous a fortement intéressés, car comme nous travaillons dans le secteur du handicap, nous avons une forte emprise sur les émotions des personnes ainsi que sur l’aspect psychologique. Donc pouvoir bénéficier d’éléments de réponse sur les émotions des potentiels acheteurs, c’était très pertinent, it allowed us to focus our communication and our marketing. De plus, l’étude a permis de sonder les potentiels clients afin qu’ils puissent voir à ce stade le prototype et qu’ils puissent s’exprimer sur leur intérêt, et sur leur compréhension de l’utilité du produit et de son caractère innovant en termes de facilitation de la vie quotidienne.

Because we had already launched a product, we believed we could apply the same methods and processes except that this product is completely different from the first. The Reach your Market study was a necessary step to gain perspective on what our product was and how people perceived it. Toute innovation a une phase d’adoption et ça, nous l’avions un peu négligé, donc les résultats de l’étude Reach your Market ont permis de revoir certains des éléments de langage et d’appréhender les freins que nos cibles pouvaient avoir juste en voyant notre produit, sans pour autant l’avoir testé ou utilisé. Et finalement, l’étude RyM nous a aussi donné des clés pour travailler sur plusieurs aspects à la fois sur le produit en lui-même ainsi que sur notre communication. 

Les suites de l’étude RyM  : Aujourd’hui, nous sommes en train de retravailler sur le produit en lui-même, car les résultats de l’étude ont montré qu’il y avait des marges de progression au niveau du design, pour vraiment faire accepter le produit par les utilisateurs. En parallèle, nous sommes en train d’établir une stratégie de communication adaptée et nous menons également une réflexion sur notre ciblage : est-ce que nous allons adresser le marché BtoB, BtoC ou les deux, car ce sont des éléments qui sont ressortis dans les résultats. À l’origine, nous avions la volonté d’adresser plutôt le marché BtoC et the study has perhaps opened up a new BtoB segment for us.

Advice for other innovative project owners: The only advice I could give is that, no matter what the innovation is, il faut trouver son marché suffisamment tôt, because it is useless to develop a product, to innovate and to go too far in the development to realize that the market is not adapted or not ready. This is also one of the reasons why we have conducted a study.

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Une étude d’usage RyM, au service d’un projet qui facilite la distribution des fils électriques

Une étude d'usage RyM, au service d'un projet qui facilite la distribution de fils électriques !

"I think the RyM service is really innovative, especially with regard to the assessment of emotional perceptions. It's an analysis that only you offer, so you bring us something that others don't have." 

Thibault SIMON, Design Lab Assistant Manager, NEXANS 

RyM support in 3 words: Personalised • Aesthetic • Innovative

I would say "personalised" car au moment de la formalisation de la vidéo de concept, il y a eu pas mal d’échanges entre nous et nous avons obtenu a video and a support that were both collaborative and tailor-made. "Aesthetic" because I find that the visuals of the deliverable really help to understand the results of the study and the areas of work and improvement. This is often something that is put aside a little bit, but in the end it is very important to make the results more accessible for the client, with facilitating visual elements.To complete I also very much appreciated the presentation, which went into great detail and explained each point of the deliverable in a precise manner. This again ties in with the visual aspect of the deliverable, which really makes it easy to follow and understand. And finally "Innovative", notamment sur tout l’aspect lié à l’évaluation des perceptions émotionnelles. En effet, avec cette méthodologie, nous avons quelque chose avec vous que les autres n’ont pas.

Origins of the project: This innovative project dates back to early 2021. After the presentation of several ambitious projects to the COMEX, the idea here was to return to more familiar and traditional lines of innovation for us, particularly in terms of packaging... We therefore focused on issues relating to electrical wires and their unwinding. Today, it is important to know that wire is a product that has little added value and is still very price-oriented: the challenge was great. So we started making models, drawings, and then we made a first functional prototypeAt the time, we were already working with your Ixiade team on other projects, so we chose to experiment your Reach your Market service on this project.

Issue: Our objective was to compléter les résultats de nos quantitative studies par votre étude qualitative, to get a clearer picture of the market and to be more confident about the direction we should take in the future. On this project, which was already at an advanced stage of the process, what really interested us was to be able to compare and couple your results with the quantitative results obtained earlier. We were really looking to go further than our traditional studies in order to add value and support the project particularly to convince internally and avoid certain pitfalls linked to the lack of concrete field feedback.

Benefits: Overall, this study has allowed us to better understand the perceptions and general feelings of our users sur le prototype. Je dirais aussi que, comme une sorte de focus group, l’étude a mis en lumière des éventuelles failles du produits et les points qui seraient compliqués pour nos cibles. It allowed us to understand what things we wouldn't necessarily have thought of. And above all, it is the emotional aspect that I found very interesting, to know what emotions they feel, and then, thanks to the associated guidelines, to make the emotions vary and improve the results that we obtain. Moreover, I found that having access to the verbatim was very interesting because they allow us to have real perspectives on the current project but also to anticipate some feedback for future projects, to avoid some mistakes or to improve our results in the next studies. The study also confirmed some of the points we were already aware of and gave a suite logique au projet avec une collaboration au niveau design to develop a new version.

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Grâce à RyM, un projet d’objet connecté confirme ses chances de succès

Grâce à RyM, un projet d'objet connecté confirme ses chances de succès !

"The RyM study is now an essential step. The objective is to be able to present our business case for a country to the COMEX for each project, backed up by the results of the RyM study, in order to have a real GO."

Julien BRIN, Innovation manager, NEXANS 

RyM support in 3 words: Efficient - Fast - Qualitative

The three keywords mentioned are of course linked. I say efficient et rapide, because in 4 to 6 weeks, we had the results, so it's very interesting in our process! And finally it is very qualitative and pictorials with clear documents, with the possibility to have them in English (which is a real plus for us).

Origins of the project: This project strarted at the end of 2020. It was born out of an internal reflection on the various connected applications in the sector. In addition, we had the opportunity to discuss with some electricians and problems of identification of circuits were highlighted by them..

Issue: At this stage, we had collected some quantitative feedback from the field through various sources. But following the presentation of our "business case", the feedback was varied... Nous n’avions pas suffisamment de données concernant le potentiel de marché de ce projet innovant, especially in a field that was considered to be relatively specialised by the Management. In view of this, there was need to increase the number of sources and data and to deepen the results through a qualitative study. s’est fait ressentir. C’est pourquoi nous avons fait appel au service Reach your Market. Nous devions apporter plus de robustesse au projet et nous étions intéressés par le fait de pouvoir validate our concept par des méthodologies comme l’évaluation de l’acceptabilité et de la désirabilité. We were also in a "learn & test" phase on different user testing solutions with different partners, so the integration of RyM in this framework was a perfect fit.

Benefits: Dans le cadre de ce projet, l’évaluation de l’acceptabilité a permis de valider le potentiel de notre solution. L’étude, nous a confortés et a permis également de confirmed the interest of our potential customers for the solution. Finally, it provided us with concrete areas for improvement particularly in terms of our communication. What differentiated RyM's support was the precision of the analyses, particularly with the criteria for evaluating the acceptability of the project. And another real point of differentiation of this solution is the evaluation of desirability. Moreover, in terms of information sources, verbatims and ease of reading and use the report provided, it is great and qualitative !

More generally, what is interesting about RyM is that we had visibility on potential performance, thanks to the percentage of chances of success. This percentage is good indicator to show effectively, in one sense, if we have a good idea but need to rework on certain critieria or if, in another sense, we need to redirect or stop a project. This really help us ! What I find particularly relevant is the "negative" feedback. It is precisely a qualitative study that brings up negative feedback that can really helps us move forward. The study thus market it possible to recalibrate the feedback from the field and to guide decision-making for the next stage of the project, such as developing a version 2.0 for example. And, indeed, either the brakes to be removed and really linked to the product and its functionalities, or they are more linked to communication aspects or emotional perceptions. In any case, the RyM study is now an essential step. The objective is to be able, for each project, to present our business case for a country to the COMEX, reinforced by the results of the RyM study, to have a real GO!

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RyM supports a modular shelter project producing green energy

RyM accompagne un projet d’abri modulable produisant de l’énergie verte.

"The RyM study allowed us to get real opinions from our future prospects thanks to an interesting scientific approach. We will use the results for our future communication as well as the report for our commercial approaches, especially with partners and promoters."


RyM support in 3 words: Professionalism • Spirit of synthesis • Clarity and quality of the deliverable

Origins of the project: We have been in the energy business for many years and have some experience. We have developed this innovative solution in order to meet an unsatisfied need, neither in the field of shelters / living bases, nor in the field of energy production. In addition, we wanted to develop a solution that would be more beneficial to the environment but also to the safety and comfort of the users. 

Issue: Our concept is operational and the main challenge for us was to reach our target markets and start the sales phase. Dans un premier temps, nous souhaitions adresser le secteur de l’événementiel mais avec la crise du Covid nous avons dû repositionner notre innovation sur de nouveaux marchés (construction, bâtiment, …) et repenser les usages. Ainsi, dans le cadre de notre développement, il était important pour nous de connaître les avis de nos prospects et futurs clients sur leur capacité à intégrer un nouveau produit comme le nôtre et dans quelles conditions (price, technical and other ...)

Benefits: Theétude Reach your Market confirmed what we felt thanks to an raisonnement et une approche scientifique intéressante. Et lorsque nous allons communiquer sur notre concept, nous utiliserons des mots-clés et arguments qui ressortent de l’étude. De plus, le livrable est clairement un outil que l’on peut réutiliser dans de futures démarches commerciales ou encore pour convaincre des partenaires. Par exemple, pour les sociétés qui pourraient louer potentiellement nos produits, ce serait intéressant de leur partager les résultats RyM.

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Un projet de réseau de distribution Internet est soumis à l’évaluation des communautés yoomaneo

An internet distribution project is submitted to the evaluation of yoomaneo communities

"The team helped us link our vision with the field realities by providing advices that allowed us to consider the future of this project more confidently with the required adjustments. A big thank you to the three communities of Yoomaneo, who guided us on this path full of pitfalls!"


RyM support in 3 words: Expert • Strategic • Operational

Origins of the project: Schneider Electric has been working for many years on connected technologies with the ambition to propose new offers of "connected electricity" on the residential market. It is in this context that an internal project team has been set up to define the solution of tomorrow.

Issue: We wanted to be accompanied upstream on this project by Ixiade experts pour conceptualiser une proposition de valeur innovante et déterminer son positionnement. Une fois l’offre définie, il était essentiel pour nous de la test it with our future users. The objective of this study was to validate our offer on three distinct targets of the residential market and to déterminer si les usages que nous avions projetés reflétaient bien ceux que les utilisateurs envisageaient

Benefits: The digital platform on which the study was conducted among our three targets, yoomaneo , was very effective in collecting perceptions about our offer. The richness of the content and the deliverable that was shared with us allowed us to give a new orientation to the project with a much more strategic dimension and a much stronger positioning of the project in the company's activities.

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RyM supports a garden tool project designed to potect your back

RyM supports a garden tool project designed to potect your back

« Les résultats ont confirmé le potentiel de mon outil. Et l’enthousiasme des personnes sondées montre que l’outil est réellement attendu sur le marché. En recontactant les sociétés d’outillage de jardin, avec les résultats de l’étude, j’aurai plus d’arguments pour convaincre de la nécessité de la mise sur le marché de ma bêche aérateur. »

Ghislain BUTIN, Project Leader, Aerator spade

RyM support in 3 words: Fast • Objective • Effective

Origins of the project: Suffering from back pain, I was tilling the land with a tiller, which bored me because I was using fossil energy. Therefore, I imagined a tool like a spade which it is not necessary to bend to turn the land. Despite the difficulties in finding a craftsman to manufacture this tool while remaining within reasonable costs, I was able to create functional prototypes.

Issue: My search for a manufacturer-distributor to commercialize the aerator spade and thus valorize my innovationhad not been successful. What I needed was a study to determine the market potential of my innovation. Mais avec un coût trop important pour un inventeur privé, les solutions classiques d’étude ne m’étaient pas accessibles, je me suis donc tourné vers Reach your Market.

Benefits: The results confirmed the potential of my tool. And l’enthousiasme des personnes sondées montre que l’outil est réellement attendu sur le marché. En recontactant les sociétés d’outillage de jardin, avec les résultats de l’étude, j’aurai plus more arguments to convince them of the necessity of launching my aerator spade on the market.

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RyM supports a digital therapy project to overcome persistent baby blues

temoignage RyM service d etude de marche

RyM supports a digital therapy project to overcome persistent baby blues

“C’est notre façon de voir les choses et de communiquer qui a changé. On a une approche plus claire, on explique beaucoup plus le concept et ses différentes fonctions. Tout est devenu plus concret, plus sérieux. Et cela nous a donné du crédit, nous a donné plus confiance en nous, et nous a permis d’engendrer de nouveaux partenaires avec une plus grande visibilité.“

Maëva BUISSON-CHAVOT, Psychologist and co-founder, Acropsy

L’accompagnement RyM en 3 mots : Facile • Rapide •Pointu

Origins of the project: Le fait d’avoir personnellement vécu une dépression post-partum et de ne pas avoir trouvé de solutions autres que des anti-dépresseurs m’a poussée à réfléchir à d’autres solutions. Étant psychologue, je me suis interrogée avec mon associée sur les exercices que nous pouvions mettre en place pour sortir de cet état de baby blues persistant. Comme notre méthode s’est avérée efficace, nous avons décidé de la développer en créant un programme thérapeutique digital pour aider toutes les mamans qui en ont besoin. 

Issue: Passer par une étude commits était, pour nous, le moyen de vraiment savoir si notre concept allait avoir du succès, si son format digitalisé et son prix étaient pertinents et quelles étaient les modifications à apporter pour améliorer notre offre. Comme le sujet est encore tabou de nos jours, nous avions aussi une grande interrogation sur la stratégie de communication.

Benefits: En termes de communication, nous n’avons plus du tout le même discours. Et grâce à tous les changements suggérés par l’étude, nous avons réussi à approcher de gros partenaires qui sont maintenant séduits par notre concept. Au final, c’était très important pour nous d’avoir des éléments d’analyse cognitifs et émotionnels, parce que même si nous avions eu des retours positifs autour de nous, nous n’étions pas sûres de la manière dont cela serait perçu par les futures utilisatrices.

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