Confirmation marché

"Market Validation": Bring the right innovation to the right market

This quantitative study model allows you to get quantified data on the evaluation of your innovation. Thanks to multivariate analyses, you can get a representation of users' perceptions and feelings, generalize the results of a previous qualitative study or go deeper into a specific point.

amenez la bonne innovation sur le bon marché

Why choose a Market Validation study for your innovative project?

Did you know? 75% of innovations do not make it past the first year of commercialization: validating your market's expectations is an essential step before you launch!

Make sure you meet the expectations of your targets

You wonder how your innovation will be received by its potential users? RyM will provide you with data on the opinions and perceptions of your target regarding your concept, as well as all the keys to reducing the gap between the performance you want and the performance they expect.

Characterise the targets of your innovation

There are many different types of potential users for your innovation, and you are wondering which markets to target? With Reach your Market, you can test your innovative product or service with different representative samples to determine the potential of each one and adapt your marketing strategy.

Prioritise the preferences of your future users

You need to make choices regarding the development of your innovation (functions, attributes...)? Thanks to the RyM trade-off analysis, you will understand how your users' preferences are formed and which modalities are favoured in order to prioritise the most promising developments.


Prendre en main vos projets de A à Z en fonction de vos objectifs pour vous garantir des résultats et des rendus de qualité !

With Market Validation, get robust statistical analysis to confirm your targets' expectations and inform your decision making

Thanks to this study model, obtain a numerical and objective representation of the perceptions and feelings of your users to bring the right innovation to the right market.

Etudes utilisateurs : amenez la bonne innovation sur le bon marché
  • Contextualisation of your project, your development issues and determination of the objectives and targets of the study
  • Sending a tailor-made methodological and pricing proposal
  • Creation of an objective and communicative presentation of your innovative product or service in the most appropriate format (video, animation, illustration, etc.)
  • Validation of recruitment criteria and mobilisation of potential users of your innovation
  • Quantitative data collection via an online questionnaire designed specifically for your project 
  • Multivariate statistical analysis to determine the ability of users to project themselves in the use of your innovation
  • Trade-off analyses to compare several innovative offers or offer attributes and prioritise user preferences
  • Proposal of operational work areas to reduce the gap between the desired performance and that expected by your targets 
  • Expert recommendations to guide your go-to-market strategy 
  • Access to results in the form of graphs and other data visualization elements to facilitate understanding of the analyses and sharing of the deliverable

"Market Validation": what's next?

Whether at the beginning or at the end of your study, you can access a wide range of options suited to your project:

Willingness to pay

Allows you to evaluate if users are willing to pay for your innovation and determine its optimal price based on the perceived value.

Evaluation of the CSR

Allows you to evaluate the perception of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy by users for each of your commitments.

Generation of qualified leads

Allows you to obtain the contact information of study participants (if they agree to be recontacted) for your future marketing and sales efforts.

Methodological focus

Allows you to access an online information session to learn more about innovation evaluation (interest, acceptability, desirability, ...).