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How do I get a RyM quote?

To ask for a RyM quote, click on "Get a quote". Please fill the form below with details about your request and describe your project in terms of objectives, scope of study or targets to aim for. Fill in your details and validate your request. It will automatically be sent to our team, who will send you a methodological and pricing proposal by e-mail within 24 working hours.

What types of documents can I provide in my quote request?

In the form, you can attach all the elements useful to your project such as study briefs, presentations of the concept to be evaluated or files of users' details to contact. The accepted document formats are .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .jpg, .png and .accdb.

How can I modify a RyM quote?

During your quote request, you can go back at any time on the elements you have completed to modify them. Once the budget has been calculated, you can return to the form by clicking on "Modify". This allows you to perform several simulations before sending your finalized quote request.

Can I submit several requests for quotes?

Yes. In the event of an error (sending an incomplete or erroneous quotation), you can make a new request for a quotation. Please note that if there are several requests with the same objectives and project name, only the most recent request will be handled.
In the event of multiple requests for several projects and/or pursuing different objectives, each request will be the object of a methodological and pricing proposal, sent within 24 working hours.

What should I do if I encounter a problem when requesting a quote?

If you have problems displaying the form on your Internet browser (for example, if certain elements of the page have been blocked), check your security settings and temporarily deactivate the protection to be able to access the form.
If you have problems validating your request, refresh the web page and validate the form again.
In case of difficulties in completing the quote, you can request assistance from a member of the RyM team to help you prepare your request via the "Contact us" page.

What should I do if I don't receive my quote?

Quotations are sent to the e-mail address indicated in the form within 24 working hours after validation of the quotation request on the dedicated online form. If, after this time, you have not received a quote, check your spam. If it does not appear in your spam, it is possible that the email address indicated in the online form contains an error. In that case, please contact the RyM team directly, via the "Contact us" page, who will send you the quote to another email address. Remember to mention the name of the project and your contact information.

Does a quote request commit me to RyM?

The quotes sent are tailor-made to meet your needs and are strictly confidential. By requesting a quote via the online form, you agree not to divulge this quote or use it for a competitive bidding process or call for tenders.
On the other hand, a quote request does not commit you to carrying out a study as long as it has not been signed by you.

Confidentiality of information

How to guarantee the confidentiality of the data communicated in a request for quotation?

When you request a quote, we unilaterally guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted. This information is only used for the purposes of drawing up the quote and the study. If you wish or need to keep a written record of this guarantee, you can download the confidentiality undertaking accessible at the beginning of the quote request form. Once downloaded, completed and validated, this confidentiality undertaking constitutes a written record of the protection of all data and documents that you will provide when you request a quote.

Do I have the assurance that the contact file provided will only be used for my RyM study?

Yes. The contact details provided are used exclusively for the study for which they were provided and are destroyed after the study has been concluded.

Can I conduct a study without revealing my brand/company name to users?

Yes, you may wish not to disclose the name of the brand, product or company behind the innovation being tested, either to avoid bias or to maintain the confidentiality of your project. You can therefore request that this information not be disclosed to study participants. In this configuration, the project name that you will have filled in the form will be the designation attributed to your innovation. Please make sure that it is free of any identifying elements.

Do the users surveyed agree to respect the confidentiality of what they have evaluated?

Yes. For each project carried out, and prior to its participation, each user must commit to keeping confidential the information and documents presented to him/her.

Can I access the contact information of the surveyed users?

Yes and no. At the end of each project conducted, users must indicate whether or not they authorize the project leader to contact them again for the study. If the User Interaction option has been selected and the study involves data collection via the yoomaneo platform, a discussion area with the project owner and the people who have agreed to be contacted again is then created. In the other modes of data collection, the contact details of the participants who have agreed to be contacted again are sent directly to the project leader.

Conduct of a study

Am I obliged to provide a contact file for the study?

No. If you provide a contact file, this will save you money on your quote. If you do not have the opportunity to provide a file of qualified contacts that match the target of the study, the RyM team will take care of recruiting potential users for the evaluation of your innovation.

When does my study start?

Once you have received RyM's methodological and pricing proposal and placed the order, the study is initiated within 24 working hours.

How can I be informed about the progress of my study?

When you request a quote, subscribing to the "User interaction" option also allows you to follow the progress of the collection in real time, to consult the responses and to contact users to debrief the results of the study at the end of it.

What form do the results of a RYM study take?

The results are sent in the form of an interactive .pdf document allowing you to navigate between the different points of analysis. The results include a section specific to the scope of the study, a section dedicated to the levels of acceptability, a section specific to the desirability indices, a section dedicated to the evaluation of the functions of the innovation and a section summarizing the results and operational recommendations.

What follow-up can I give to my RyM study?

To go further once the results have been obtained, you have the possibility of subscribing, a posteriori, to certain options such as the submission of an additional questionnaire (quantitative online collection) or the measurement of users' willingness to pay for your innovation.
You also have the possibility to repeat the study with a new target group or to order a new study to evaluate the market potential of an alternative concept for example.

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