Clip Concept : scénarisation de l’innovation

RyM Clip Concept: Bring your innovation to life and make it easy to understand

The Clip Concept services offers you the opportunity to showcase the uses of your innovative product or service, whatever its degree of maturiy, through a video that will become a powerful tool for communicating internally and externally about your project.

Clip Concept : scénarisez votre innovation

Why use the Clip Concept service in your innovation process?

Communicating on your innovation is essential, but it is not always easy to develop a clear and easily understandable communication support: choosing the usage scenarisation is the ideal solution.

Tell about your innovation through user experience

You want to communicate about your innovation? You are asking yourself how to do this when it has not yet been formalised? The Clip Concept service allows you to represent the future interactions between your innovative solution and its users thanks to usage scenarios and our expertise in video production.

Win the support of your project stakeholders

You are ready to communicate on your innovation internally and/or externally, but you do not yet have the appropriate supports? RyM Clip Concept creates for you a turnkey video presentation that is easy to share, using the most appropriate illustration and narration techniques.

Formalise your innovation for evaluation and testing

You need a support to present your innovation to its future users and evaluate its potential? Thanks to RyM Clip Concept, you can benefit from an objective and communicative presentation video that will help your targets easily imagine themselves using your innovative product or service ..

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RyM Clip Concept: How does work?

Thanks to the usage scenario, this service brings your project to life, whatever its degree of maturity, through a simplified four-step process


Highlighting of a central issue faced by users to determine the initial situation of the scenario

Formulation of the key stages of the scenario and description of their context (places, people involved, etc.) to guide the narrative 

Narration of the different stages of the story, illustration by sketches and validation with the project team 

Definition of material and logistical needs, mobilization of design teams, shooting and editing of the final video.

RyM Clip Concept: different styles adapted to each type of project

Our graphic artists, designers and storytellers master different forms of illustration and narration to adapt to the degree of maturity of your innovation and your communication objectives 

Clip concept : support de communication clés en main

Sketches / Advanced graphics

[different degrees of definition and realism].
Clip concept : support de communication vidéo

3D modelling

[3D representations, mock-up, "quick & dirty", motion design, prototyping]
Clip concept : scénarisez votre innovation

Real-life filming

[shooting, embedding of 3D models, prototypes or finished products in shot images].
Clip Concept : racontez votre innovation

Descriptive storytelling or dialogue

[subtitles, written text or voice-over].

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