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Evaluate the market potential of your innovation.

Reach your Market is a reliable and fast e-study service that allows you to evaluate the acceptability of your innovation project with future users in order to increase its chances of success.

Test your innovation with specifically targeted users for your project

Because the user experience must be at the core of the innovation process, we recruit, for each study, potential users of your solution. Whether they are professionals or individuals, in France or abroad, the evaluators for your project are recruited on the basis of precise criteria that you can control.

Get robust results and operational recommendations

The experience of our multidisciplinary team, assisted by the tools of Artificial Intelligence, as well as the scientific validation of our methodologies, guarantee you robust and reliable results. We make every effort to help you in your decision making with operational recommendations.

Did you know that more than 80% of innovations do not go beyond the development phase?

To understand the risks of failure in innovation and to increase your chances of success, we provide you freely with our “A brief study on overcoming the 10 major innovation pitfalls“. On the programme? A summary of failures in innovation, their stakes and possible solutions to overcome them.

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Maximize your chances of success

Evaluation of the acceptability of your innovation. On the basis of the intentions of use, you will obtain data on the suitability of your project to the know-how, practices, identity and socio-economic context of the users.

Measuring the desirability of your innovation. By comparing the emotions you wanted to generate and those felt and communicated by users, you will be able to diagnose the emotional dimensions of your project.

Specification of emotional design directions. You will be able to get specific recommendations for the emotions generated by your innovation to maximize its attractiveness.

Determining the most and least appreciated functions in your innovation. You will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each function in order to refine your innovation project.

How does it work?

Discover how easy it is to conduct a Reach your Market study.

Who are we?

With 20 years of experience in the field, the multidisciplinary team of experts at the origin of Reach your Market has already accompanied more than 600 innovation projects. Whether it is a BtoB or BtoC project, the RyM team is able to evaluate all types of innovations (technological, technical, marketing, organizational, social, environmental, …), from the emergence stage of ideas to their pre-commercialization.

Reach your Market is also the result of numerous academic research works supporting the permanent design of innovation evaluation methods and the use of Artificial Intelligence (Automatic Language Processing, digital information collection platform, …).

Finally, Reach your Market is the alliance of human and artificial intelligence at the service of innovations!

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