Créa Value: positioning definition

RyM Créa Value: define an attractive positionning for your innovation

Créa Value support helps you create a unique value proposition on the market, to define its attractiveness and differentiating factors and to obtain key elements to effectively market your offer.

Créa Value : Définition d'un positionnement attractif

Why use Créa Value's support in your innovation process?

To differentiate oneself in the market, it is essential to make each new offer attractive, credible and differentiating, which means determining the appropriate positioning.

Define and qualify the profiles of the targets of your innovation

You have an innovative concept but are unsure of the market(s) and target(s) to address? With RyM's support, our team will help you define and characterize your personae personae to know their barriers, motivations and aspirations.

Identify the attractiveness factors of your innovative solution

You ask yourself how to position your innovation within a competitive environment? RyM Créa Value allows you to determine the factors of attractiveness and the differentiating elements of credibility of your offer in the eyes of your targets.

Develop promising lines of communication

You ask yourself how to add value to your innovation project? Créa Value allows you to formulate a unique value proposition (UVP) and to develop appropriate and effective communication strategies to bring your innovation to market. 

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RyM Créa Value: How does it work?

Thanks to collaborative workshops, our team helps you position your innovation in the market and guide your strategies

Definition of the issues, the reference universe and the uncertainties of the project team in the innovation or R&D initiated process.

Definition of the profiles of the target users, their socio-demographic characteristics, their barriers and motivations as well as their aspirations and concerns, through personae sheets.

Formulation of a communicative offer concept and an associated value proposition for each persona.

Determination of the attractiveness factors (functional and communicational), the differentiating elements and the credibility elements of the offer

Generation of the innovation positioning through the UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and sharing of key elements to effectively market your offer.

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