Grâce à RyM, un projet d’objet connecté confirme ses chances de succès

Grâce à RyM, un projet d'objet connecté confirme ses chances de succès !

"The RyM study is now an essential step. The objective is to be able to present our business case for a country to the COMEX for each project, backed up by the results of the RyM study, in order to have a real GO."

Julien BRIN, Innovation manager, NEXANS 

RyM support in 3 words: Efficient - Fast - Qualitative

The three keywords mentioned are of course linked. I say efficient et rapide, because in 4 to 6 weeks, we had the results, so it's very interesting in our process! And finally it is very qualitative and pictorials with clear documents, with the possibility to have them in English (which is a real plus for us).

Origins of the project: This project strarted at the end of 2020. It was born out of an internal reflection on the various connected applications in the sector. In addition, we had the opportunity to discuss with some electricians and problems of identification of circuits were highlighted by them..

Issue: At this stage, we had collected some quantitative feedback from the field through various sources. But following the presentation of our "business case", the feedback was varied... Nous n’avions pas suffisamment de données concernant le potentiel de marché de ce projet innovant, especially in a field that was considered to be relatively specialised by the Management. In view of this, there was need to increase the number of sources and data and to deepen the results through a qualitative study. s’est fait ressentir. C’est pourquoi nous avons fait appel au service Reach your Market. Nous devions apporter plus de robustesse au projet et nous étions intéressés par le fait de pouvoir validate our concept par des méthodologies comme l’évaluation de l’acceptabilité et de la désirabilité. We were also in a "learn & test" phase on different user testing solutions with different partners, so the integration of RyM in this framework was a perfect fit.

Benefits: Dans le cadre de ce projet, l’évaluation de l’acceptabilité a permis de valider le potentiel de notre solution. L’étude, nous a confortés et a permis également de confirmed the interest of our potential customers for the solution. Finally, it provided us with concrete areas for improvement particularly in terms of our communication. What differentiated RyM's support was the precision of the analyses, particularly with the criteria for evaluating the acceptability of the project. And another real point of differentiation of this solution is the evaluation of desirability. Moreover, in terms of information sources, verbatims and ease of reading and use the report provided, it is great and qualitative !

More generally, what is interesting about RyM is that we had visibility on potential performance, thanks to the percentage of chances of success. This percentage is good indicator to show effectively, in one sense, if we have a good idea but need to rework on certain critieria or if, in another sense, we need to redirect or stop a project. This really help us ! What I find particularly relevant is the "negative" feedback. It is precisely a qualitative study that brings up negative feedback that can really helps us move forward. The study thus market it possible to recalibrate the feedback from the field and to guide decision-making for the next stage of the project, such as developing a version 2.0 for example. And, indeed, either the brakes to be removed and really linked to the product and its functionalities, or they are more linked to communication aspects or emotional perceptions. In any case, the RyM study is now an essential step. The objective is to be able, for each project, to present our business case for a country to the COMEX, reinforced by the results of the RyM study, to have a real GO!

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