Une étude d’usage RyM, au service d’un projet qui facilite la distribution des fils électriques

Une étude d'usage RyM, au service d'un projet qui facilite la distribution de fils électriques !

"I think the RyM service is really innovative, especially with regard to the assessment of emotional perceptions. It's an analysis that only you offer, so you bring us something that others don't have." 

Thibault SIMON, Design Lab Assistant Manager, NEXANS 

RyM support in 3 words: Personalised • Aesthetic • Innovative

I would say "personalised" car au moment de la formalisation de la vidéo de concept, il y a eu pas mal d’échanges entre nous et nous avons obtenu a video and a support that were both collaborative and tailor-made. "Aesthetic" because I find that the visuals of the deliverable really help to understand the results of the study and the areas of work and improvement. This is often something that is put aside a little bit, but in the end it is very important to make the results more accessible for the client, with facilitating visual elements.To complete I also very much appreciated the presentation, which went into great detail and explained each point of the deliverable in a precise manner. This again ties in with the visual aspect of the deliverable, which really makes it easy to follow and understand. And finally "Innovative", notamment sur tout l’aspect lié à l’évaluation des perceptions émotionnelles. En effet, avec cette méthodologie, nous avons quelque chose avec vous que les autres n’ont pas.

Origins of the project: This innovative project dates back to early 2021. After the presentation of several ambitious projects to the COMEX, the idea here was to return to more familiar and traditional lines of innovation for us, particularly in terms of packaging... We therefore focused on issues relating to electrical wires and their unwinding. Today, it is important to know that wire is a product that has little added value and is still very price-oriented: the challenge was great. So we started making models, drawings, and then we made a first functional prototypeAt the time, we were already working with your Ixiade team on other projects, so we chose to experiment your Reach your Market service on this project.

Issue: Our objective was to compléter les résultats de nos quantitative studies par votre étude qualitative, to get a clearer picture of the market and to be more confident about the direction we should take in the future. On this project, which was already at an advanced stage of the process, what really interested us was to be able to compare and couple your results with the quantitative results obtained earlier. We were really looking to go further than our traditional studies in order to add value and support the project particularly to convince internally and avoid certain pitfalls linked to the lack of concrete field feedback.

Benefits: Overall, this study has allowed us to better understand the perceptions and general feelings of our users sur le prototype. Je dirais aussi que, comme une sorte de focus group, l’étude a mis en lumière des éventuelles failles du produits et les points qui seraient compliqués pour nos cibles. It allowed us to understand what things we wouldn't necessarily have thought of. And above all, it is the emotional aspect that I found very interesting, to know what emotions they feel, and then, thanks to the associated guidelines, to make the emotions vary and improve the results that we obtain. Moreover, I found that having access to the verbatim was very interesting because they allow us to have real perspectives on the current project but also to anticipate some feedback for future projects, to avoid some mistakes or to improve our results in the next studies. The study also confirmed some of the points we were already aware of and gave a suite logique au projet avec une collaboration au niveau design to develop a new version.

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