Un projet de réseau de distribution Internet est soumis à l’évaluation des communautés yoomaneo

An internet distribution project is submitted to the evaluation of yoomaneo communities

"The team helped us link our vision with the field realities by providing advices that allowed us to consider the future of this project more confidently with the required adjustments. A big thank you to the three communities of Yoomaneo, who guided us on this path full of pitfalls!"


RyM support in 3 words: Expert • Strategic • Operational

Origins of the project: Schneider Electric has been working for many years on connected technologies with the ambition to propose new offers of "connected electricity" on the residential market. It is in this context that an internal project team has been set up to define the solution of tomorrow.

Issue: We wanted to be accompanied upstream on this project by Ixiade experts pour conceptualiser une proposition de valeur innovante et déterminer son positionnement. Une fois l’offre définie, il était essentiel pour nous de la test it with our future users. The objective of this study was to validate our offer on three distinct targets of the residential market and to déterminer si les usages que nous avions projetés reflétaient bien ceux que les utilisateurs envisageaient

Benefits: The digital platform on which the study was conducted among our three targets, yoomaneo , was very effective in collecting perceptions about our offer. The richness of the content and the deliverable that was shared with us allowed us to give a new orientation to the project with a much more strategic dimension and a much stronger positioning of the project in the company's activities.

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