RyM - Our history services [EPISODE 3]

Use case of a RyM "Usage Check" & "Market Validation"

Discover the story of Guillaume, head of the innovation team in a large group, who wants to convince his management committee to continue the development of his team's project.

Since several months, and following a study among their customers, Guillaume and his team have been working on a project to digitalize their offers. As this project mobilizes many investments and ressources, they need the approval of the management committee to continue the development of the project.

It is a big day, Guillaume presents the project to the management committee, its objectives and the imagined solution. Although the idea appealed to them, they lacked factual elements on its potential : Guillaume was a little disappointed. The management then proposed him to re-evaluate the project in two months with these new elements.

Guillaume decided to search for service providers who could help him with this challenge. He remembers having already used Reach your Market (RyM) services, focused on user experience, and contacts Estelle from the RyM team to discuss his issue.

The following week, Guillaume is in videoconference with Estelle who quickly understands the issues of the project and advises him to conduct a étude qualitative "Usage Check" among the future users of the innovation. Guillaume regains hope and is convinced that he will obtain the elements expected by the management committee.

Six weeks later, Guillaume confidently returns to present the RyM results to management: son innovation remporte l'adhésion des utilisateurs avec 82% de chances de succès. This time, they are convinced and allocate the necessary budget to its development. They even ask him to explore the project's international potential.

Convinced by his RyM experience, Guillaume took advantage of a business trip to call Estelle back to see if she could help him confirm the qualitative results on new markets. Given the maturity of the project and the targeting objectives, she proposed a une étude quantitative "Market Validation" sur plusieurs pays.

A few days later, after a meeting with Guillaume's team to determine the research plan, Estelle scheduled and launched the study. An online questionnaire translated into several languages was then sent to thousands of contacts representative of the target market to evaluate the innovation project.

After three weeks of collecting responses, the quota is reached. RyM experts start analyzing all the data and evaluate the acceptability of the innovation for each target as well as the performance of each of its functions. Thanks to this, a indicateur de chances de succès "Sco'RyM" est calculé pour chacun des marchés visés.

Following the analysis, Estelle comes to share the results of the study to Guillaume and his team. By taking note of the data vizualization elements, "Sco'RyM" and the operational recommendations, they understand that there is a strong potential on the German and Brazilian markets. They then thought of prioritizing their development on these two countries.

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