Quels sont les financements possibles dédiés au développement et à la création d’un projet innovant ?

What funding is available for the development and creation of an innovative project?

Author: Juliette Tilmont

Business Developer

Aides et subventions en innovation

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Whether you are a project leader, a start-up, a SME, an ETI or even a GE, developing an innovation represents significant expenses and investments. In France, and more largely in Europe, whatever the type of innovation concerned (social, digital techological, ...), there are several public aids to support innovative companies.

The main players in innovation financing

The French public investment bank (Bpifrance) is clearly a key player in the world of innovation aid. Thanks to its partners in banks, investors, regions and institutions, Bpifrance offers a wide range of financing and provides guarantees and equity financing from initiation, through support for R&D, to strengthening the capital of innovative companies. Bpifrance has more than 50 regional offices and therefore necessarily a local contact close to you to support the development of your innovative project. Futhermore, the local authorities, particularly the regions and metropolises, are mobilizing to promote the growth of innovation in France. Indeed, the dynamics of innovation is a key factor of development and economic renewal. Thus, many funding schemes are supported by these public actors. Europe is also mobilizing for research and innovation by proposing different funding opportunities. For example, you will discover the strong program Horizon Europe ", which succeeded the Horizon 2020 program and which consists of numerous calls for projects to make Europe more innovative ans to support these projects financially.

The main financing schemes for innovation

At an early stage of development of the innovative project, a grant delivered by Bpifrance can support the maturation of the innovation and thus validate its technical and economic dimension: it is the Bourse French Tech. This grant, which can reach up to 90,000€, finances in particular user testsUX design, marketing studies or technical feasibility studies.

A number of regional or European competitions and calls for projects are also intended for innovative companies with the attribution of a grant to support their development. For each sector of activity, there are one more calls for projects, published several times a year. These calls for projects are numerous: for example, there is the "Première Usine" call for project, which aims to accelerate the emergence of the first industrialization successes, the "Industrialisation et Capacité Santé 2030" call for projects in the biotherapy and bioproduction of innovative therapies sectors, the "Recyclage des plastiques" call for projects, which aims to promote the development of industrial plastics recycling technologies and the manufacture of recycled raw materials, etc... To learn more about the various regional and local aids, consult the site les-aides.fr. For the European aids, consult the site europe-en-France.gouv.fr.

Besides all the aids mentioned above, we can of course mention a useful way to obtain funds to support the development of your innovative project:  fundraising. We talk about « séries A, B et C » which offer financing means to young companies that cannot survive only with their own funds. The 3 series correspond to the different phases of development of projects. (more information on https://bpifrance-creation.fr/levee-fonds).

Pour finir, en France, la fiscalité est également favorable aux entreprises innovantes avec notamment les fameux dispositifs d’aides indirectes : le Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit (CIR and CII). In the first case, the CIR covers certain expenses related to Research & Development activities or projects (up to 30%) and in the second case, the CII aims to help companies in the development of innovative products (up to 20%). However, both schemes have important eligibility requirements. For example, to benefit from the CII, you must be an SME. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tools if you want to take these tax procedures or to call on the services of experts. To go further, the PNB CIR / CII platform allows you to make you entries and expenses in complete autonomy and simplicity in order to facilitate the calculation of your tax credit as well as all your declarations, thanks to the autonmatic generation of the official documents requested by the administration (Cerfa 209A).

If this article does not list exhaustively all the possible aids in innovation, it allow you to know the main actors from whom you can benefit from competent advice. These organizations are located all over France. You can thus get in touch with local contacts who will be able to direct you towards the aid and services best suited to your project and your ambitions! In addition, many innovation support agencies can also help you identify the right grants and calls for projects, and even help you write and assemble funding applications. This is notably the case of Absiskey, so do not hesitate to contact their expert.

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