RyM - Our history services [EPISODE 1]

Use case of a RyM "First Exploration" study

Discover the story of Jean who starts a new adventure: developing his innovation idea!


After a career in engineering and since several months, Jean has been working on an idea for an innovative product.Today, he finally gets his patent and everything accelerates !


To develop a prototype, Jean is looking for funding: financial support, subsidies,... and soon realises that he will not have all the necessary funds.


Following this, Jean met his banker and presented his project. Unfortunately, the banker could not grant him a loan unless he was sure of the potential of his project. de son projet. Jean leaves this meeting very disappointed.


Jean does not lose and searches on the internet for study solutions. He finds the Reach your Market service which seems to meet his expectations and books a slot with a RyM expert.

The following week, Jean met Juliette, a RyM expert, who asked him about his uncertainties and presented him "First Exploration" offer that best met his needs and budget. Jean is convinced and launches into the RyM adventure.


Once the quotation is signed, the project of Jean is presented to a targeted community of usersFor several days, they share their reactions and opinions directly from their smartphone.


During the data collection and while waiting for the results, Jean can go on with his "to-do-list" (administrative tasks, prototyping appointments, ...).

A week later, Jean recevied the resultats of his study. He learned about the motivations and obstacles of his future users and was relieved to discover thathis innovation had 75.8% chance of success !


Now that Jean has proof that of the potential os his project, he returns to his banker. He is now convinced and grants hime the loan needed to pursue his project to prototype it.

Would you also like to experience the RyM adventure to boost your innovation project?

Benefit from an innovation support service, within a controlled timeframe and budget, to maximise the chances of success of your innovative product or service.

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