RyM - Our history services [EPISODE 2]

Use case of a RyM "Usage Check" study

Discover the story of Sophie & Thibault, managers of the marketing and innovation department of Solutech, a fast-growing SME, who want to meet the needs of their market by developing a new product!

Thanks to its R&D activities, Solutech benefits from the Innovation Tax Credit (CII), an indirect aid from the State that covers part of their expenses, which greatly helps Sophie and Thibault in managing their projects.

From some time now,they have been observing evolutions in their market of connected solutions. They are particularly concerned by the new behaviours of their users and by the new expectations they express in their satisfaction surveys.

No time to lose, Sophie and Thibault take charge and organise several creative sessions. An idea for a new product emerges: smart shoes connected to a health application.

Sophie and Thibault soon realised that they needed to carry out a study to confirm the potential of their idea. Sophie then remembers the Reach your Market study service that was presented to her at a trade event last month.

Le lendemain, Sophie contacte le service RyM to make an appointment and an expert replies. This was an opportunity for her to start explaining her innovative project, her study needs and her uncertainties.

Two days later, Thibault and Sophie met Juliette from the RyM team, who advised them on a "Usage Check" study that was particularly well adapted to their situation. Convinced by the methdology and the operational results, they decided to launch into the adventure.

The following week, the RyM team mobilised to recruit future users of the innovation. Once their eligibility has been validated, the participants express themselves and discuss about the project through the questions they are asked on the yoomaneo application.

Once the data collection is completed the RyM experts look at each of the analysis aspects (Evaluation of acceptability, emotional compatibility and the different functions of the innovation) and formulate improvement recommendations..

Four weeks after the start of the study, a complete turnkey deliverable was presented to Sophie and Thibault who were reassured by the 84% chance of success of their innovation. The bonus? They will be able to decalre the costs of their RyM study in their CII.

Would you also like to experience the RyM adventure to boost your innovation project?

Benefit from an innovation support service, within a controlled timeframe and budget, to maximise the chances of success of your innovative product or service.

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