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An efficient process for an accessible study.

Reach your Market's accompaniment follows a simplified process thanks to digital technology. The promise? Receive a quote in just a few clicks and access the results of the study in just a few days.

How does it work?



Because quality prevails over quantity, we select potential users of your innovation, both individuals and professionals, of all nationalities, and meeting your criteria.

Data Collection

For each project, its collection method: individual interviews, round tables or Yoomaneo digital platform are chosen according to the research plan adopted and the targets desired.

Extraction and sending of raw results

The data is extracted and sent as collected in order to give you a first idea of your innovation's evaluation results before analysis.

Analysis and restitution of the study

Our expert analyses enable us to provide you with a complete results document (acceptability, desirability and evaluation of the functions of your innovation) with operational recommendations.

What's next?

At the start or at the end of your RyM study, you can access several options:

User interaction

Allows you to interact with participants (during the study) or debrief with them (after the study). It is also a way to keep in touch with potential users of your innovation.

Consent to pay

Allows you to evaluate whether users are willing to pay to benefit from your innovation and to determine its optimal price thanks to adapted price positioning methods.

Additional questions

Allows you to go further by submitting new questions, questioning a new target, testing an alternative to your innovation or submitting a quantitative questionnaire to generalize the results.

Information session

Allows you to access an online information session to learn more about testing the acceptability and/or desirability of innovations.

Carry out your study now and at a lower cost.

Within an average of 21 days and starting from 9 000€.