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The funding of my Reach your Market study

To invest in a Reach your Market study is one of the keys to anticipate the risks of market failure by taking your future users into account. Thus, whether it is to evaluate the potential of your R&D project or to guide you in the development of an innovative product, solutions exist to support the funding of your RyM study!

Reach your Market : Découvrez les cas d'usages

cible service d'études reach your market

Je suis en train de développer un projet innovant seul ou en équipe » 
Qu’est-ce-que le service d’étude RyM peut m’apporter ? »

J'optimise la proposition de valeur de mon innovation

Grâce aux feedbacks des utilisateurs, assurez-vous des réels motivations et freins de vos cibles afin de vérifier et confirmer les besoins du marché !

J'adresse le marché et les cibles les plus réceptives

Le service Reach your Market vous permet de soumettre votre concept innovant auprès de vos différents marchés et d'identifier les cibles les plus porteuses.

Je convaincs mes investisseurs et futurs partenaires

Grâce à des analyses robustes, bénéficiez d'un livrable qui viendra attester des chances de succès de votre innovation et qui vous permettra de convaincre vos futurs investisseurs et partenaires.

How to found my study : the Research and Innovation Tax Credits

The Research Tax Credit (Crédit d'Impôt Recherche) and Innovation Tax Credit (Crédit d'Impôt Innovation) can financially help you to develop your projects. But, how does a Tax Credit work? This aid system is paid directly by the State to the company in the case where it is not liable to the Corporation Tax or directly deducted from the Corporation Tax. Getting the Tax Credits is subject to eligibility conditions. Find out if you are eligible by scrolling the presentation cards about the two tax credits below.

CIR : Crédit Impôt Recherche

This tax credit is an indirect financial aid (tax reduction) for research and development projects. It is calculated on the basis of the R&D expenses made by a company and covers 30% of them!

How to know if you are eligible for the Research Tax Credit ?

The eligibility of a project for the Research Tax Credit is based first and foremost on its position in relation to the state of the art in the field in question. Thus, if the state of the art is incomplete or inaccessible, the achievement of your project's objectives must necessarily involve the resolution of scientific and technical uncertainties through the resolution of hypotheses. Led by a qualified research team, following a structured approach, your project must lead to the formalization of a substantial improvement for the field.

CII : Crédit Impôt Innovation

This tax credit is also an indirect financial aid. The Innovation Tax Credit is aimed at SMEs that develop one or more new products with superior performance, which meet unmet market needs. It is calculated on the basis of expenses related to the development of innovations and covers 20% of them.

How to know if you are eligible for the Innovation Tax Credit ?

It is important to know your market and your competitors from the beginning of your project. Indeed, being able to determine the eligibility of your projects to the Innovation Tax Credit thanks to the analysis of existing products is essential. Positioning your innovation in relation to the market, by determining what are its highers performances, is necessary on the technical, eco-design, ergonomic or functional levels. Moreover, you must be able to show that you follow a structured approach to solve technical hazards and to realize functional prototypes in order to reach your objectives.

How to finance my study: Report your Tax Credits

Discover THE Project netboard platform dedicated to the calculations of the Research Tax Credit or the Innovation Tax Credit and benefit from an expert and complete service to support you in all of your administrative and tax procedures

Project netboard is currently used to perform the Tax Credit calculation for more than 300 of our clients. This digital platform respects all the financial rules required in the calculation of Research and Innovation Tax Credits and allows you to calculate your Tax Credit with complete confidence.

In addition, Project netboard allows you to edit the 2069A form in the format used by the tax authorities and many other tables showing the status of your expenses in relation to the Tax Credit.

Project netboard is an essential tool for creating the technical file for your tax credit by editing the descriptive sheets of your R&D operations that describe the state of the art, technological locks, and other research indicators. In this intuitive and collaborative platform, you can also involve your teams, in order to monitor the working hours of your collaborators, on an easy-to-access interface.

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Users of the Project netboard platform

Project netboard dedicated to Tax Credit's calculation

Are you doing R&D and/or developing an innovation project? Are you are looking for an expert and intuitive solution to guide you in your tax credit applications and to be autonomous in generating the documents requested by the administration? Project netboard helps you from A to Z!

They have trusted Project netboard for their Tax Credit's procedures

"We recently got to work with the platform. Filling in the hours after configuring the projects is easy to use and intuitive. Deployment is underway, with training for project managers in completing hours and eligible expenses. The fact that we can operate the platform progressively is a real asset for its appropriation by the teams."
Tax specialist, Pasquier SA
"Very active in the development of new projects, COPALIS INDUSTRIE has benefited from the Research Tax Credit for many years. The use of the PROJECT NETBOARD software for more than 3 years has allowed us to gain in efficiency in the management and the follow-up of our projects. The data necessary for this tax credit are filled in on the platform as the projects progress (time spent, expenses, test reports, ...). Easy to use, this tool is a precious help for the good management of our Research Tax Credit."
Laurence GUIMAS
Research and Development scientist, COPALIS INDUSTRIE
"We use Project netboard to manage and monitor our R&D hours. It is intuitive and easy to use, both for the administrative management of employees, projects and phases, and for the entry and control of hours. The reports and extractions are clear, fast and functional."
Camille LEROUX
Head of accounting and resource management, VITIBOT

About Project netboard service

The Project netboard solution has been developed by the Absiskey group, an innovation agency which ambition is to support you in setting up and managing your strategies, building your innovations, evaluating your markets and finally obtaining the public funding most suited to your ambitions.